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Simon Schmid is an entrepreneur, lifestyle & wellness coach, and master trainer, currently based in London, the United Kingdom offering health & wellness mentorship and coaching to his clients. Understanding performance-driven results, Simon has worked with fitness models, sports stars, celebrities, as well as notable TV presenters.
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I didn’t have an easy start. I learnt early on that you have to be your own hero and shape your destiny. An unfortunate family tragedy triggered some big questions which I am now pleased to support others with. From a second low point of divorce, business and financial collapse – I overcame it all. I rewrote my story, and now wake up in the life of my dreams – unlocking positive change and shifting lives.

Offering powerful packages designed to assist individuals to achieve lasting results in the areas of their lives that matters most – personal growth, business, health, finances or relationships. My bespoke offering assists clients in discovering the tools and strategies and to become more accountable and ultimately, perform better in everyday life.

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When I first met Si I wasn’t in a great place.  I’d had recurrent injuries over the previous year which had meant I couldn’t train and as a result I had gained weight.  I was totally despondent and dreading that uphill battle to regain my fitness all over again.

Si’s combination of Lifestyle Coaching and unique Fitness sessions were like nothing I’d encountered before. The Lifestyle Coaching, without me realising it, was key to my success despite me saying I didn’t need it! In the first two months I lost a stone in weight and 26 cms off my overall body measurements. My body has completely changed shape and I have muscles I didn’t know existed.

Si’s zest for life is infectious and his humour… well the less said about that the better.

I’m thrilled to be training with Si, he’s changed my life, just don’t tell him! 🙂

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Coming soon: Immersive Retreat, Denmark

* Limited capacity. Terms & Conditions apply.

What people are saying . . .

Training at with Simon allowed me to really take my cricket and conditioning to the next level and assisted me in regaining my form in international cricket from both a physical and mental perspective.” Simon’s functional training and sport-specific focus assisted me in becoming stronger, faster, fitter, and more mobile both on and off the field, and encouraged me to try a new style of training and push my body to the next level. A massive thank you to Simon Schmid for the greatest fitness conditioning and training I have done, and also for all his mental preparation and encouragement!  


Some people enjoy coaching , can’t say it’s my favorite. My first session with Simon turned things around for me, and gave me a completely different view of training & coaching.

From really not wanting to train, to being excited for my next class and coaching session was something new for me. I knew Simon had done something to me, when I was injured riding my dirt-bike and really missed my sessions and classes but still doing our coaching sessions made the difference. When you know what you doing and make it FUN! That’s a gym session I want more of.

Every session had a new twist and not the same old boring routines, when you have the passion to succeed and see results, always putting your clients interests and goals at the forefront, it’s impossible not to succeed.

After 2 months with Si, he built my confidence up to a level I had never experienced.

So I decided to take my professional motor cycling career to a level I never thought was possible, and entered the biggest off-road endurance event in the world, The Dakar Rally @dakarrally. When I first told Simon, his immediate response was, That’s amazing news, “Cool, let’s get started”, not one second of doubt. 2 days later he had developed a complete training program that would see me to the start line and Finish line of Dakar 2019 in 36th place overall.

Thank you Simon, I will be forever grateful.


My aim was to get fit and get fit fast. I learned that hard work pays off but most of all I learned that unless you are coached and or trained by a professional like Simon, you will never progress to where your dreams are situated. I compete in the toughest extreme endurance motocross races in the world and my conditioning, core strength and cardio are all major components of my success. The riders I compete against are professionals that train and ride full time. With the mental, fitness, and lifestyle coaching programme Simon puts together I am able to train for a fraction of the time and experience great results, whilst staying motivated and enjoying myself.


Being a professional athlete, training can get boring but not with Simon. It is a new and fun workout every time with Simon and also targeting the weak spots that I would never know about on my own! Simon Schmid will teach you to train smart to perform better!


What would you do if you couldn't fail?

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