Six months ago I was the heaviest I had ever been in my life. Lockdown was the catalyst as my husband and 16 year old son were home permanently for over a year, thus we ate and drank ourselves into a cocooned coma!! 
After a heart scare and a visit to A&E via ambulance, I decided now was the time to take my physical and mental health more seriously. A two week visit to a juice retreat kicked off my journey. Fate played a hand and upon my return, Simon (recommended by a friend) landed on my door step with his tape measure and note book. 
Great timing! Training started with vigour as I had signed up for his “Access All” 3 month plan. Within a few weeks, measurements were retaken and 55cm from around my body and 8 kilos had disappeared! I felt so much better! Training continued and Simon not once missed or cancelled a session. His dedication is immaculate as is his hair and scarf 😉
Five months in I am 16 kilos lighter, 81cm slimmer and much more clear headed in food/drink decision making. Support from Simon on every regard of my journey was uplifting, sometimes serious and mostly hilarious. He is a true believer in my fitness and his encouragement has been very much appreciated. Go team Simon!!!

Angie Locke

Simon came in to my life in one of those random co-incidences. I wasn’t looking for a coach, in fact I was hugely skeptical about the whole life coach movement. Anyway, I had a coffee with Si, and something in his offbeat humour, intelligence and genuine kindness made me decide to give it a go. In the three months we have worked together, I have had major shifts in both my business and personal life, and cannot recommend him highly enough. Si has a talent for seeing the core of a person and gently, but determinedly, unraveling whatever knots are holding them back. Then he helps you stitch yourself back together, as a better, stronger, happier version of yourself. He took my cynicism and related feistyness in his stride and even when I wanted to punch his lights out (often) we never had a session without genuine laughter, or one, on reflection, where I didn’t realise how skilled and effective he is. He has, in the three months, completely turned me around and made all aspects of my life improve. Thank you Si, I am so grateful you came into my life when you did. 

Jess Henrich

Our move to Australia whilst keeping the our company in the UK is daunting. Simon is helping with our planning in both a business and personal way. He’s made the journey so much easier as he’s helping us plan and prepare every step of the way.

Stella Karras-Brown

After 25 years in a family business where I was a 40% member, I took the plunge to go on my own on 5th of November 2021. I was like a deer in the headlights and felt very overwhelmed about how to handle being on my own: in my new adventure; my own business 100% with no partners or help. I had a wife and 3 kids and was basically starting all over again at the age of 45 years young. I connected with Si, looking for help with how to handle my feelings, emotions, my strength and weaknesses as a person. Physically and mentally. Si has played a huge role as a life coach. He helped in keeping it all together, working weekly on various challenges, keeping my shit together during my journey of change, and always showing up as the best version of myself EVERYDAY

Martin Jeppe

I began my journey with Si 3 months ago and I cannot believe I have come so far so quickly. I entered this challenge with open arms and an open mind, hoping to figure out what was holding me back from being my authentic self and living in true freedom. Although life is an ongoing lesson and one can spontaneously become perfect after any work done, I can honestly and confidently say that these past 3 months have taught me lessons I probably would only have learned in decades if it wasn’t for Simon’s effortless ability to coach me and guide me through life’s obstacles. Seeing Simon every week gave me hope and strength to carry on and lean into things that deserve my energy, as well as leaning back from things which do not serve me. I couldn’t wait for our weekly sessions of being completely vulnerable to the truth and allowing Si to show me the rough and smooth parts of the path that sculpt the obstacle of life – and when to use the smooth or rough part of the path in order to help me grow and move forward.

Rebecca Jayde Nel

When I first met Si I wasn’t in a great place. I’d had recurrent injuries over the previous year which had meant I couldn’t train and as a result I had gained weight. I was totally despondent and dreading that uphill battle to regain my fitness all over again. Si’s combination of Lifestyle Coaching and unique Fitness sessions were like nothing I’d encountered before. The Lifestyle Coaching, without me realising it, was key to my success despite me saying I didn’t need it! In the first two months I lost a stone in weight and 26 cms off my overall body measurements. My body has completely changed shape and I have muscles I didn’t know existed. Si’s zest for life is infectious and his humour… well the less said about that the better. I’m thrilled to be training with Si, he’s changed my life, just don’t tell him! 😉

Justine Lloyd Kristensen

Some people enjoy coaching , can’t say it’s my favourite.
My first session with Simon turned things around for me, and gave me a completely different view of training & coaching. From really not wanting to train, to being excited for my next class and coaching session was something new for me. I knew Simon had done something to me, when I was injured riding my dirt-bike and really missed my sessions and classes but still doing our coaching sessions made the difference. When you know what you doing and make it FUN! That’s a gym session I want more of.Every session had a new twist and not the same old boring routines, when you have the passion to succeed and see results, always putting your clients interests and goals at the forefront, it’s impossible not to succeed. After 2 months with , he built my confidence up to a level I had never experienced. So I decided to take my professional motor cycling career to a level I never thought was possible, and entered the biggest off-road endurance event in the world, The Dakar Rally. When I first told Simon, his immediate response was, That’s amazing news, “Cool, let’s get started”, not one second of doubt. 2 days later he had developed a complete training program that would see me to the start line and Finish line of Dakar 2019 in 36th place overall. Thank you Simon, I will be forever grateful.

David Thomas

Dakar Rally finisher

I started my journey with Si on 31st December 2018. I had put on a lot of weight over the last couple of years and was a complete workaholic, always prioritising work over exercising.

I didn’t feel confident enough to go to a gym but was lucky enough to have a gym at home so that is where we started. I knew Si was great because he focused on improving my mobility to start with, as I had had years sat in front of a computer so was really inflexible. This meant that I didn’t hurt when I exercised but gradually got more flexible and could move better. After a couple of months I felt confident enough to exercise at the gym or in class with him.

He said no to diets but encouraged me to eat healthily and cook as much as I can from scratch and he suggested I gave up drinking wine at home, which I have done and now only drink socially. I now can run again and am just so much more active and exercise 6 to 7 days a week, including when I travel for work each week.

I have been with Si now for nearly 10 months, and I feel so much fitter, healthier and happier and have lost nearly 15kg and 93 cms!! It is not only the fitness training though as I have found the life coaching really invaluable. Through our weekly calls, Si has helped me to be more confident in all facets of my life, including work and is helping me to come to terms with the loss of my brother. I feel I can be 100% honest with him and it’s good to be challenged regularly. The latest challenge is for me not to do any work when I go on holiday!! Above all though Si is such great fun, always smiling and laughing and he really cares.

I feel like a different person and am loving life again, so thanks a million Si

Jacquie Mills


My aim was to get fit and get fit fast. I learned that hard work pays off but most of all I learned that unless you are coached and or trained by a professional like Simon, you will never progress to where your dreams are situated. I compete in the toughest extreme endurance motocross races in the world and my conditioning, core strength and cardio are all major components of my success. The riders I compete against are professionals that train and ride full time. With the mental, fitness, and lifestyle coaching programme Simon puts together I am able to train for a fraction of the time and experience great results, whilst staying motivated and enjoying myself. 

Graham Hedgecock

Extreme Motocross Endurance Athlete

Training at with Simon allowed me to really take my cricket and conditioning to the next level and assisted me in regaining my form in international cricket from both a physical and mental perspective.” Simon’s functional training and sport-specific focus assisted me in becoming stronger, faster, fitter, and more mobile both on and off the field, and encouraged me to try a new style of training and push my body to the next level. A massive thank you to Simon from I AM SIMON for the greatest fitness conditioning and training I have done, and also for all his mental preparation and encouragement!  

Nick Compton

England International Cricket Player

Being a professional athlete, training can get boring but not with Simon. It is a new and fun workout every time with Simon and also targeting the weak spots that I would never know about on my own! Simon teaches you to train smart to perform better!

Altus de Wet

Professional Extreme Motocross Endurance Athlete

I have been working with Simon for around 9 months now. I was not in a great place when we first started talking. I am reasonably successful career-wise have a fantastic wife and amazing family and outwardly most people would think I'm happy, fulfilled and have a great life - I really have nothing to complain about. And yet... for decades and since my teen years I have been in a cycle of self sabotage, depression, negative though processes and at times I haven't wanted to be here. I had recently lost my job during the pandemic and was pretty desperate when I reached out to Si - in truth I didn't expect much found this big, cheerful, South African bundle of positivity almost impossible not to connect with. 9 months on I still have bad days, but I have a much clearer perspective on life and my own feelings, thoughts and actions. Si brings a refreshing blend of honesty, fun, positivity but also reality. Learning some of his story and how he got to where he is today has given me belief that I can conquer my inner demons. I could waffle on for ages about the positive influence he continues to have on me and my life but in summary I will just say THANK YOU SI! You have literally changed my life - There is still work to do and we will do the work but the positive change in such a relative short time-span has exceeded my expectations. Si is a great guy with a huge heart and a life story that has armed him to help others find their own happiness.
Ben Lewis
Sales Agent
Si offered to help me properly with feelings that had crept in of being overwhelmed, sad, angry, and unhappy in certain areas of my life. I have a large family with a husband and 5 children and have spent most of my life looking after everyone but myself. Si helped hugely as I started my early steps to finding a much healthier mental and emotional balance in my life. Thanks to Si, I realise the need to put the oxygen mask on myself before others. He always says ‘pick up the phone, I’m only a call away any time of the day or night’ Thank you Si from the bottom of my heart for showing me the way to being so much healthier.
I hired Simon as a business coach to drive my business. As our sessions carried on, it became clear I had a lot of personal issues behind the scenes. After a life changing event, and Simon's digging away, he actually revealed serious trauma from my childhood. He then became my life coach instead of business coach - which at that moment was very important to me.This discovery will change my life for the better.
Working with Simon has improved my life massively, the tools I gained and the understanding I came to was so valuable to me. I saw active improvement the whole journey and am a better person for the experience
Si completely changed my life’s trajectory and I can’t recommend his service enough. His experience, knowledge and proactive approach are pushing me to become the best version of myself. To be a fucking machine.
Teenage client
Firstly Si is a great human being, he wears his heart and life experiences on his sleeve, secondly he’s a fantastic coach made all the better for those real life experiences. I came to Si a bag of mixed emotions, significantly under estimating the impact my behaviours were having on me achieving my best self, and what I needed to do to change the direction I was heading in . His guidance has been invaluable in me achieving a clarity and purpose that I had got lost in all noise, drama and self-doubt I was feeding off. If you’re willing put in the work, accept the changes and are receptive to some honesty the rewards of working with Si are immeasurable. Its been an absolute pleasure having his extensive experience (and character!) guide me back to a healthier, happier more focused path!
© Simon Schmid



© Simon Schmid
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